Hi All,

We have recently implemented a new solution designed to increase cyber security awareness. Please read the below, which outlines why we have invested in the technology and how the service works.


The mission: 

At (Customer Name) we take Cyber Security very seriously and are taking steps to ensure that all our employees are aware of the latest threats to both themselves and the organisation. Our IT team have worked to find clever and effective tools to promote cyber security awareness and good information security practices and have identified an automated training service to help us achieve our goals.

The solution we have chosen is Boxphish, which is designed to interact with users in short bursts over a sustained period of time, which is initially 12 months.

How it works:

Every month, you will be sent a variety of training materials, including videos and infographics which focus on different cyber security risk areas, including spear phishing, ransomware and password protection. In some instances you will be asked to complete a quiz, which will be based on a video you have watched. This is designed to gauge the level of knowledge gained and your answers over a sustained period of time will provide our organisation with a cyber security risk score per user.

Next steps:

You will receive your first training video from Boxphish shortly, which initially introduces the service in more detail and the reasons why our organisation has decided to implement this across all users.

Thank you in advanced for taking the time to read the above. We hope you enjoy the videos and the new style of training that is delivered by Boxphish.

As always, please feel free to email IT (Customer Email) with any questions, queries, or feedback.