Established over 40 years ago, Biker Group is a construction company made up of 200 staff members based in North Yorkshire. The company is privately owned and managed by members of the Biker family, with a strong focus on their ethos of providing the highest quality of service or product in all divisions of the company.
Since the company was first founded they have gained a reputation of valuing long term partnerships over short term gains, with a client base covering private, local authorities and blue chip companies.



The threat of cyber attacks has been quickly growing for a number of years now, and many of the most obviously targeted sectors like finance have already recognised this risk and worked to improve their daily security procedures. However, not all businesses are acknowledging the severity of these threats, with a recent government survey finding that only 35% of the construction and property sector agreed that their staff take cyber-security seriously in work.

“The biggest priority for Biker Group as a company is to provide the best quality service at all times, allowing us to develop a trusting relationship with our clients. We recognise that the threat of cyber-attacks is very real, and we need to improve our approach to online security so that we don’t jeopardise this quality of work or our reputation.”

Solution: Boxphish Cyber Security & Awareness 

For Biker Group it was important that their security awareness solution would fit seamlessly around their busy work schedule – with many of their staff working on-site rather than at a computer in the office, they couldn’t afford for employees to be taking part in lengthy training courses.

Boxphish Cyber Security & Awareness offers training that is ‘bite-sized’ in appearance, but uses a topic-focused approach to ensure the value of the information offered is preserved. The solution is completely automated, with training resources including infographics, posters, and newsletters sent straight to the users’ email on a monthly basis, giving employees the freedom to download resources to use at an appropriate time, from any device. These resources cover the main threats that businesses face online; phishing, social engineering, ransomware, and CEO fraud.  

Business Results

After a few months of receiving security awareness infographics, Biker Group have seen an increase in staff attentiveness when it comes to safety online, as well as actually reporting suspicious emails rather than simply leaving them unopened.

“The hints and tips make it so quick and easy to identify a suspicious email. Now when we see these devastating data breaches and hacks in the news, it puts us at ease knowing that our staff can act as an extra layer of defence.”

Since beginning using the Cyber Security & Awareness service, Biker Group have seen an increase in the amount of phishing emails they are receiving, as well as some attempted targeted attacks. “We had one instance of a property purchaser being asked to send a deposit to fraudulent accounts,” said __, “thankfully our staff knew what warning signs to look for and exactly how to react due to the informative resources we’ve been receiving, which could have saved us thousands.”



Cyber-attacks are no longer a threat limited to the more tech-heavy companies, which is now clear to Biker Group, with __ saying, “Of course financial loss is detrimental to any business, but our biggest concern is our reputation. Our clients put their trust in us, and we’ve always made it a top priority to dedicate ourselves to honouring that trust – from quality of work, to taking some extra steps to ensure their personal details are safe – it’s all essential.”